Monday, 11 January 2016

Hi everyone Saz here, reporting form Ty!!!! Life is great these days the stressful JC days are long gone and now all our precious time in school is spent on bonding and getting to know new people. TY so far has been fun filled packed. We have been on many trips such as a night trip to Carlingford. from being covered in mud to jumping into the freezing water or thrown in if being honest. we all came together as one and became a family well not a biological one. Next was our art day trip to Kilkenny to go see  a screening of 'Song of sea' we all stuffed our faces with popcorn and sweets. we were travelling on a bus for the majority of the day so the day was long and tiring but it was well worth it. We also visited Kilkenny castle whilst in Kilkenny and went to a workshop which explained how Song of the sea was made. The film was truly beautiful and extraordinary to watch. the following week we went into town to the Yeats expedition, in my opinion i thought it was quite boring as we didn't have a tour guide or anything it was practically a room with a few posters explaining about Yeats life. We then had an encounter with the president Micheal D Higgins that was a bit exciting i suppose but i wasn't too fazed by it as much as others. that same day me and the girlos went for an eddies date. To be honest that was the best part of the day as i was finally fed. I ate the most of course,  it does be so hard always being the one who eats the most oh well embrace you're appetite people life's to short to diet. Actually that was the best part of Ty in all honesty LUV<3 EDDIES. The tours seemed to come to a stop after that pretty much we then got boring but oh well still have to learn something i suppose. oh we also had a maths quiz with the salesians boyos. that was an experience totally awksssss!
!!!! Of course i was put on an all girls team that's life for you, JKJK. A few weeks after that we went to see castle-town house with our history teachers. we got a bus to The other side of Celbridge which was completely pointless as we still had to walk half the way???? that was a bit of banter having the chats with the devil. that's kind of it for Ty so far just work experience every week which does have my anxiety through the roof, being a teen in an adult workplace isn't fun oh well all about learning and experiencing new things i suppose. That's it from saz write soon ?!?!?
Peace out people

Hi pals, next on the TY list was the funwalk. The funwalk is annual thing and every year group in the school takes part. This year TYs had to dress in yellow and had to have a dance themed on bullying and friendship. My class based our theme on snapchat, whilst the other class were sunflowers or something? the best class won anyways which was us :))))))).  That kind it for funwalk well we walked around Celbridge. Stay healthy
Peace out,
sazC XX
Alright people ,
Saz here again to give another update on our life in TY!!! next on the map was Holly Day. Myself and the pals headed into town to do some collecting for charity for the ISPCC. That was an experience as it was freezing out 'wouldn't be long getting frostbite'!!!!!ahhh i am gas. Myself Beibhino and RO Carrdashain were triplets for the day we have great craic belting out the odd cribmo tune here and there :)))) stars in the making!!!!!. after that we went Spanish speed dating, WELL THAT WAS AN EXPERIENCE, them poor posh boys got awful shock when myself and girlos landed into Castle- Knock College. Snap chat names were flying around during our 120 seconds period with each and everyone of them, 60 seconds would have been enough but what ever floats you're boat cupid:))). we also got invited to a party but then that was cancelled so no more castle Knock boys :((((((((( Next was the best day of TY so far we went to see Mary Poppins in the Bord Gais. I myself have spent the majority of my life involved in Performing Arts so when ever i get see a production its like music to my ear LITERALLY. The production was amazing and ill remember it when i am looking back on my life in TY.  Also for the past 3 weeks we have been going Spinning for PE. Talk about pain tbh id rather stay fat then have to encounter that pain of even sitting on that bike ever again:)))) ITS NOW CHRISTMAS!!!! sadly i had to spend this crimbo on a farm surrounded by cows!!! LETS JUST SAY WE WONT BE REPEATING THAT AGAIN NEXT CRIMBO. Best part of it was Christmas eve because good ole Mother Mary bought me to River king and safe to say i didn't leave noting behind :)) Back to school now :( started work experience and i love it defiantly going to make the most of it this time round ! Thats really it for ty so far except for the BT young scientist. Me and the girlos were in the car crash RIP squad of EB, AG, RA, SC, AS AND EL we will be missed , jk were still alive obviously just some simulator. Anyways talk soon again pals luv ye lots my people XX
Stay breathing,
Peace out,